[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text text_larger=”no”]With a deep dedication to environmental issues, we work to provide our audience with relevant content. Our journalists are specialized and our stories have an impact because of their depth and the veracity of the data and sources. Our promise is to do what we know how to do, entertaining and entertaining stories that will capture our audience in a different way without losing rigor.

Maria Lourdes Zimmermann

Journalist with a research emphasis in environment and conservation with more than 25 years of experience. Since she began her university studies in Colombia at the Universidad de la Sabana, she decided to make a research emphasis in environment and conservation that allowed her to specialize her knowledge during her 5 years of university accompanied by researchers.

From then on, a number of professional experiences joined her and allowed Maria Lourdes to dedicate herself solely to research on environmental issues in Colombia, Chile and Argentina, participating in conservation programs and educational projects, applying communication and research strategies for the conservation of biodiversity in South America.

Institutional work is also part of María Lourdes’ professional life, expanding her experience in institutional media and promoting new formats to talk about the environment in Colombia.

Six years of institutional experience with environmental authorities, allowed her to have a broader vision to start a career in national journalism working in radio, press and television media, doing investigative journalism and environmental reporting from media that later gave way to the emergence of Natural Press, an electronic platform specialized and independent in environment, sustainability and conservation.

Alberto Castaño Camacho

Alberto is a journalist with an emphasis on environmental research and conservation. His love for nature was born as a child thanks to the influence of his grandfather and his uncle, Alvaro Castaño Castillo, creator of the first television program in Colombia about conservation called Naturalia, an icon in the country.

To his enormous sensitivity and motivation for the protection of nature, his understanding and connection, he adds his experience as a Scout in Colombia for 25 years. Alberto grew up in groups of children and youth with a deep philosophy of nature protection and his specialty in survival generated a closeness and a necessary connection with everything around him.

Although he did not practice environmental journalism from the beginning of his career, he was always linked and connected to his environment and his knowledge, so years later he began his work in the investigation of economic and environmental issues, discovering the importance of mainstreaming environmental information in all fields of knowledge.

Alberto was a journalist dedicated exclusively to the environmental source in national and international media and was also a political and economic analyst and trainer of journalists in the regions of Colombia. His spirit of investigation and denunciation always generated controversy in the media in which he worked until he decided, together with María Lourdes Zimmermann, to contribute independently in Natural Press.

Scientific Advisors

Natural Press is enriched by the advice of national and international researchers who help us in the understanding of technical and scientific information. It is important to clarify that in no way do the researchers consulted intervene in the research carried out by Natural Press, their support is purely technical when analyzing issues that are of the medium’s own interest.

Natural Press always preserves and maintains its independence.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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